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Founded in 1999 the Cusco clubhouse is the second youngest of our clubhouses however, due to its close proximity to Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail and the Peruvian Amazon, it is one of the busiest. In 2002 the office moved to Choquechaca and in 2003, it expanded to provide better facilities for its members. We moved to Atoqsaycuchi in the San Blas area of Cusco, Now you can find us in the oldest residential street of Cusco, Avenida Pardo 847, right in the historical centre, which boasts large, comfortable rooms available for our members to rent on a weekly or monthly basis. We are at the heart of the historical centre next door to the US consulate and a few buildings away from the central post office and the world famous Koricancha (Santa Domingo church) , which was the original Inca temple of the sun. 

The Cusco club is a great place to relax, meet fellow travelers, grab a homemade cookie, find out more about the many local trails from the area or even plan your onward travels using our extensive library of travel guides. Members can store luggage at our clubhouse to ease the travelling, use our complimentary mail service to receive packages and letters. Our Magic Jack phone provides free calls to the US and Canada.

The weekly events program is an excellent way to learn a little more about the Peruvian culture. Common events include; Peruvian Food & Drink Night, Spanish Class, Film Night, Andean Natural Medicine, Weaving demonstrations and much more! Our events are the perfect opportunity for non-members to find out more about the club…

The Cusco Clubhouse Team looks forward to seeing you soon!!!


Rooms for rent

The clubhouse provides housing for members to make the most of and is a home away from home; a place to offload and upload, to share a cup of tea and conversation, catch up with family and friends, read a book... And we rent out rooms to our members on a minimum 14 days basis.

- The Cusco club is a two storey buildding. We currently have 5 rooms in total on the second floor (5 MORE ON THE GROUND FLOOR WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN MID-LATE/MARCH).
The cheapest rooms starting at $260 per month and up to $400 per month for the bigger double rooms (some photos of these rooms and our building are at the bottom of the page).

- The club has a members library and living room, 2 shared bathrooms/shower blocks (one for men and one for woman), 2 wi-fi connections, back-garden and Kitchen.

- Members can store luggage at our clubhouse to ease the travelling, use our mail address as a safe address to receive packages and letters (Important: we recommend that you put your own name followed by our address and leave out SAE and/or Cusco Clubhouse in the address when sending something that you want to pick up at the clubhouse in Lima),

- Use the clubhouse as a work or study space and to plan travels.

- Our Magic Jack phone provides free calls to the US (except Alaska) and Canada.

- Check out our events program!! Everyone is welcome.

We also want to hear from you, so feel free to email us with questions and ideas for events. Participating in our events is a great way to meet people and learn more about the Peruvian culture.

The clubhouse is a great place to socialize and network with other expats, traveller's and Peruvians. We are just a short walk (5-10 minutes) from the main points of interest in the Historic centre and main Plaza and Avenida El Sol so we are very easy to find!



Av. Pardo 847, Cusco
Cusco, Peru (Next to the US Consulate)


(+51-84) 245-484



A list of events is available at the bottom of this page. Alternatively please check our event board at the clubhouse or email us for further information

Cusco Clubhouse Team

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