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The clubhouse concept is based on a deep understanding of travel in South America. It is more than just an information center - it is a meeting space for all kinds of travelers, volunteers, and students.

In many countries of the world we find organizations offering members the opportunity to share information about travel, organizing events... But for the most part the information only consists of pre and post-travel experiences. You prepare your trip and you share you experience of your way back. South American Explorers adds another dimension to this very useful organization: the actual trip itself! The Clubhouses are a real space when you can simply breath from your trip, exchange a book between two countries, find a travel partner to continue your journey... All of this during your trip, because you cannot prepare everything alone.

And it made sense to offer an international network of Clubhouses in South American as many travel cross several countries during their trip and want some connection to the next one.

Be aware of fake South American Explorers

SAE has clubhouses only in Lima, Cusco, Quito . We are strictly an information network and do not sell any tours or tickets of any kind. We are not a travel agency. Over our 35 years of existence our name has been copied several times, in Cusco itself, in Huaraz, and more recently in Arequipa. We have nothing to do with them. Do not be misled! Always refer to this website to find our clubhouses, or contact our clubhouse managers directly by phone or e-mail.


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