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Organization Listing

The Organization Listing is a jam-packed, user friendly directory of volunteer organizations in different South American countries. Here you will find no charlatans, no scams; nothing less than the best and most deserving organisations.

Over the past few years an ever growing number of SAE members have been requesting information on volunteering opportunities.

To meet the increasing demand, SAE has collected information on volunteer opportunities for members to access in our Clubhouses and on our website.

In our listing we have included all the relevant practical information about the organizations and the volunteer work they offer.

This includes information such as contact details, requirements for time commitment, Spanish level, work type etc. We have also included detailed information about the respective organization's visions and missions and the projects they carry out.

Share your experience

As a nonprofit organization that encourages and supports responsible tourism, South American Explorers grows from your support.

  • We also base our Organisation Listings on member and volunteer recommendation. In order to benefit people in need as well as members searching for opportunities, we would like you to contact us if you know of a reliable, well-run, worthy organization that is searching for volunteers.
  • Also, if you would like to send support in the way of materials and/or financial assistance, please let us know.
  • If you have any negative experience with an organization listed on our website that you feel could be useful for us to know about, please email us.
  • You will also be able to leave your comments here on the website; however, please consider what comments you put – if you had a bad experience, think about the circumstances that could explain your experience; e.g. was it an isolated experience or was it a common problem for other volunteers also? Remember that what you state could be damaging for the reputation of an organization, so please make your criticism as precise and objective as possible.  

Getting your Bearings

In our Listing we have categorized the organizations by location and then presented them by name and the field they work in (we have called this the Focus). We have encouraged the organizations to fill out as much information as possible about themselves when we have sent them our questionnaire.

One of the things we ask them to state is the costs involved in volunteering.  We have used this to estimate the weekly cost to volunteer with any given organization (this does not necessarily include costs of living). However, it is worth mentioning that some organizations charge a one-time volunteer fee or administration fee at the beginning of the volunteer stay, however this is sometimes paid in instalments as part of the weekly costs.

A phone call is still better than email

Sometimes, and particularly when in South America, it helps to grab the phone. If you have been emailing an organization without hearing back from them, try and give them a call. This is normally the fastest and most effective way to get answers to your questions. A lot of institutions frequently change phone numbers, so it could be that we don´t have the most updated one (in which case, please let us know!). Or unreturned emails might be a sign that the organization is low on human resources and, for example, do not have a volunteer coordinator.

You're ready? Navigate our listing

To make it user-friendly we have chosen to present our listing of the organizations in two ways; By Country and By Focus, as you can see below. These two listings feature the same organizations and have the same information, it is just a difference of classification. So if you have already choosen what country you want to volunteer in you can navigate the By Country Listing. If, on the other hand, the focus of the organization is your first criteria for choosing a placement, you can use the By Focus Listing.

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